Garo Sandrouni - Hand painted Armenian ceramics and pottery in Jerusalem

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Welcome to Garo Sandrouniís online gallery of authentic Armenian Pottery and ceramics of Jerusalem.
Our gallery and workshop are located in the heart of the Armenian Quarter in Jerusalemís old city, one block next to St. James Cathedral and the Armenian Convent.

30 years of experience in ceramics, both designing and painting can be found in our gallery and through this official website. All pottery pieces and tiles are produced in our workshop, by my wife Sonia and myself. Each piece is hand-built and hand-painted with the highest standards, one of a kind, original and signed.

We invite you to go through the process of creating a vase and a pomegranate,
to see how hand-painted Armenian Pottery of Jerusalem
is built and painted by Garo and Sonia Sandrouni.

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